Latina Leadership Network - 2010 ConferenceMar 29, 02:18 PM

On March 12, 2010 eight of us Puente students had the honor to attend the 23rd annual Latina Leadership Network Conference. We were extremely lucky because this year the city of Visalia was the host of this grand event and thanks Mrs. Williams and Ms. Guadiana and many COS sponsors who made it possible for us to attend. As we were in the registration line, we were extremely excited and looking forward in meeting all the important Latina women who were going to be guest speakers in this important event. We attended many workshops out of those workshops we learned very valuable information about these women and their experiences in their work professions as Latinas. This valuable information has helped us improve our knowledge and has motivated us to keep working towards our success. (Cindy Flores, Lucy Sandoval, and Mary Lemus).

This experience to me was an unforgettable one. I was amazed to see so many Latinas that have such important professions. And hearing them speak and listening to their advice made me realize that we as Latina women can amount to something in this society. There were two workshops that I truly enjoyed and felt I learned a lot from. The first one was with Frances Gusman who is the Vice President of student affairs and Jennifer La Serna the Dean of Language Arts at College of the Sequoias. These women gave us advice on how to move up to important positions. They told us their experiences and gave us tips that we need to take in consideration once we are employed and decide to move up to a higher position. The second workshop I attended was titled “Women in Politics” and the speakers of this workshop were Celia and Virginia Gurrola. They encouraged us to get involved in our college government and our communities government. Virginia Gurrola was mayor of Porterville, California which is where I live. Hearing these two women really inspired me because politics is something I plan to pursue. Attending this event was exciting to me and I got much out of this. -Cindy A. Flores

The LLN conference was a great experience for me because I got to do something I never imagined I’d do which is modeling. This was a great experience because I did this alongside my friends my mentor and other important women. This conference to me was inspiring because we heard the success stories of many women and I also got to see them express their beauty no matter age, size, or race. That day we were all beautiful and important. :) -Mary Lemus


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