Puente at College of the SequoiasSep 9, 11:06 PM

Teresa Joni

Puente came to COS in 1995, when Teresa Guadiana and Joni Jordan started their first team. The COSPuente Project is still making the “bridge” a reality for students. “Ms. G” is still the fire and heart of the program.

Stacy Brand – Sandy Valenzuela – Teresa Guadiana – David Hurst

In the Fall of 2009 a second team was added to the COS Puente Project with a new counselor, Sandy Valenzuela. That year started off with 51 students and two counseling/teaching teams: Guadiana/Hurst and Valenzuela/Brand.

Joni Jordan, Valerie Ehrlich, Susan Jensen, and David Hurst have all taught the English classes and remain steadfast Puentistas. Students who have been in the program are beginning to return with their degrees to mentor and continue the tradition.

Visit the original COSPuente Web Site to see the project’s rich history, scrapbooks, and memories.

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